Welcome to the Ultimate Business Broker Marketing Blueprint

Low and behold Business Broker Marketing Blueprint is finally here.  Hopefully BBMB’s  long awaited arrival will be an amazing journey for us all.  It is my goal to provide all my fellow business broker colleagues and community a place to share our goals, marketing strategies and ideas.

We’ve already began developing videos, tools, adding social platforms and information that will hopefully benefit and help improve their business broker practice.  Should you have positive comments or questions that you feel will also benefit our community feel free to do so.

We’ve also managed a deal with a colleague and friend outside the business broker industry.  He’s not only a friend but one of the sharpest, most creative and up to date digital marketers on the internet to date.  You’ll get to learn SEO, Lead Generation, Automation at a completely new level. But I’ll wait until a little bit later to introduce my friend.

Meanwhile, lets get started with BBMB’s new video training.  Just click here!


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